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7 Ways To Start Your Homeschool Day Off Right

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Starting your homeschool day off right can really set the intention for your entire day. Start it off on a good note and it usually leads to a smooth, calm and fun day. Start the day off on a bad note and it’ll usually leave you feeling flustered, disorganized and grumpy all day.


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These are the 7 tips that help us start our day off right:


Wake Up Before Your Kids Do

I know, it sounds awful but it waking up before your kids allows you some much needed ‘me time’ in the morning. Maybe you like to enjoy your coffee in peace and quiet. Or Maybe you like taking nice long showers in the morning. Possibly, it’s even just getting dressed without feeling rushed. Whatever it is, take that extra time for you.


Set The Tone For An Amazing Homeschool Day

This point goes hand in hand with the last. It’s up to you to set the tone for the day. If you wake up grumpy or feeling agitated, chances are, you’re kids will pick up on that and feel the same way too. Waking up early, allows you time to shake off those negative feeling and start the day in a positive light. Your kids and your homeschool day with thank you!



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Get Dressed, Make Your Bed And Eat A Healthy Breakfast

While I’m not going to say that we’ve never done school in our pyjamas, it is very rare. Getting dressed, making our beds and sitting down together for a good breakfast helps us start the day off on the right foot. There nothing worse than it being 12pm, you and your kids are still in your pj’s, your starving because you haven’t eaten breakfast and your house is a mess. I know it just makes me feel…. well, kind of ‘blah’. Starting your homeschool day off on the right foot helps set the tone for the day.

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Get Your Self Organized The Night Before

Every day, after we finish school, or sometimes after dinner, I take about 30 mins to get organized for the next morning. While I pre-plan my curriculum in advance, I take this time to read through what we’re going to be working on the next day, set up our workboxes and supplies and set out any activities that we’ll be doing. This method has been working great for me. Flying by the seat of my pants and not prepping for the day leaves me feeling flustered and things feeling chaotic.




Start Your Homeschool Day With A Tidy Room

Whether you have a ‘school room’ or you do school work at the kitchen table, make sure that your area is neat and tidy. It helps to keep both yourself and your kids from feeling overwhelmed.


Start School At The Same Time Each Day

It doesn’t matter if you start school at 9 am, 1pm or 5pm each day, as long as you’re being consistent. While homeschooling is all about flexibility, starting at the same time each day helps establish a routine within your household. It’s much easier to get your kids to settle down if you’re starting at the same time every single day. They’ll be constantly asking for ’10 more minutes’ because there’s no set time anyways.





Start School The Same Way Each Day

Whether it be with circle time, morning baskets, or a song, start your homeschool day off the same way each day. This helps signify the start of school and gets you and your kids into a fun morning time routine. It’s something you’ll all look forward to.


How do you start your homeschool day? Comment below.


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  • Reply Genesis

    Great tips! I have to admit, we’ve done the no-set time thing and it can backfire terribly … but my boys like to get up early and finish up all their online work before I’m up. Getting up before my eldest is nearly impossible! He’s never slept much and now that he’s nearly 12, he is up and doing stuff by the crack of dawn.

    October 11, 2017 at 1:54 pm
  • Reply Krysta

    We aren’t so strict on time but it must be a routine. After clean up after breakfast I start the day with a YouTube morning playlist (my husband is a geek so it goes on the screen), which starts with Mandesa’s “Morning Time” followed by videos pertaining to whatever we are covering that day.

    November 14, 2017 at 2:36 am
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